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South Brockwells Asparagus: The Food of Kings
asparagus in string asparagus field asparagus steamer

Asparagus is often called the "Food of Kings". Greeks and Romans are said to have prized asparagus for its unique flavour, texture and alleged medicinal qualities. Famous figures, such as Julius Caesar and Louis XIV's, love of asparagus is renowned.

South Brockwells asparagus is certainly the food of royalty, and has been praised by HRH Prince Charles himself. Other celebrity asparagus lovers who've sampled our fine spears include HRH the Duke of Edinburgh, whilst dining with Lord Gage, and Des Lynam. "Jack the lad" of Southern FM also came early one morning to discover the secret of Sussex Asparagus!

Our asparagus has also been featured in The BBC Good Food Magazine (May 2002), The Times Newspaper (May 2003) and in Phillipa Vine's "Farm Life" column in The Farmers Weekly Magazine (May 2006).

We are also delighted that many European visitors, who normally eat white asparagus at home, thoroughly enjoy eating our green Sussex Asparagus.

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